Should Homosexual Couples Be Able to Marry

Name: Annika, Cheung Sin I
Student No: S-A9-1796-9
Date: 25-May-2010

Should homosexual couples be able to marry?

    Do you agree that we have rights of choosing ways of love? Could you find a reason to prevent a couple to marry, if they love each other and want to have their own family? In the society of 21 century, every couple should have the right to enjoy all of the legal benefits of a traditional marriage, but the homosexual couples are always being discriminated and criticized. In this essay, I will examine whether homosexual couples should be allowed married.

    As we know, homosexual marriage is not allowed in many places. The homosexual couples are always discriminated and criticize by the public. These unfair treatments make the same-sex couples seem different from general human beings. However, we are actually the same. All homosexuals’ needs are as same as all of us: love and be loved, have a living partner, have a happy family - all of the most basic needs for human beings, no matter you are young or old, male or female. In the other hand, everyone is a unique individual. No one would have the exactly same of loves and hates with anyone else. That’s why we need to learn how to accept and respect the others’ fondness. So, this is no point of discriminating homosexuals, or even prohibits them from getting marriage, since they have same-sex lovers.

    Most of people claim that everyone has the right and freedom to find their love. In the law, any heterosexual couples can be married as long as they reach the legal age. This included murderers, rapists, felons… However, homosexual couples are not allowed to get married. Heterosexuals even can be married and divorced within 24 hours, or repeat to get married and divorced many times, but homosexual couples are never permit to marry once. Could this show the fairness of law? Or it can prove that heterosexuality is more sanctity than homosexuality?

    Furthermore, prohibit homosexual...