Homework for Chapter 3

Chapter III . Individual Assignment

  1. Choose some materials (books; journal; magazines) through preliminary reading to take a full set of paraphrase, summary, direct quotation and personal comment notes on the topic you have chosen. Remember not to put too much information on individual cards. If you quote something, give a reason for quoting-----accuracy, memorable words, conciseness, and authority.
2. Then present some to us (in Word/PPT) next time
  3.The following may be taken as a reference material for those who can not find a suitable material to do practice

Direction: Take a full set of paraphrase or summary notes on this magazine article.* Be sure to follow the direction indicated by the hypothesis when deciding what information belongs in your notes. Remember not to crowd information on your cards.

Topic: preservation of world's forests

Hypothesis: "The continued loss of the world's forests will have disastrous effects on both nature and civilization."

The End of Eden

Man is fast destroying the rain forests.

Most Americans think of the environment-if they think of it at all-as whatever affects their own backyard. Oil spills, toxic-waste dumps, the Disneying of the national parks all draw impassioned debate and criticism. In a broader context, however, such "parochial" concerns amount to not seeing the forest for the trees. The worst ecological disaster now facing mankind, as four timely new books attest, is the relentless eradication of the world's rain forests-those magnificent green expanses that are, as conservationist Norman Myers writes in The Primary Source (399 pages. Norton. $17.95), "the finest celebration of nature ever known on the planet."

Until recently, no one really thought much about saving rain forests. Millions upon millions of acres of them girdled the equator, many unseen by human eye. In the last two decades, however, that seemingly infinite resource has dwindled at a terrifying speed. Every minute of...