Do you appreciate the roof over your head, the food you eat, and the shoes you wear on your feet? There are 2.5 million people who do not have homes or a permanent place of residence in America.   Homeless people should be allowed to live in public areas because first of all, many people are not trying to help fix the problem, secondly, these people are suffering already by having to live in these conditions, and lastly some people have been left by their families to suffer and are forced to life on the streets. Homeless people should be able to live on public streets without getting punished.
Homeless people should not be punished for living on the streets. Others are complaining about the homeless people but many of them are not doing much to help. Churches and agencies are starting to provide meals, shelter, and health care, but there are enough of these soup kitchens to serve all of the homeless people. Homeless people have lived on the streets for a long time because of the lack of people‚Äôs attention. Many of these people are already suffering from their own decisions. The majority of the homeless population is made up of people who have been evicted from homes, drug addicts, or psychotics. Many people are chemically dependent on alcohol and drugs because it is what they spend their free time on(The Homeless, 19).   Some homeless teens have been left to life on the streets by their parents.   They often thinks that they do not want them anymore(Homeless Teens , 11). These teens drop out of high school and fill their time with alcohol and drugs also. Most of these people have nowhere to go so why punish them?
Many   people say that the homeless population should be punished for living on public   street. They   say that these people are making the streets look bad. People are being intimidated by aggressive panhandling(http://www.americasdebate.com/forums/simple/index.php/t3380.html).