Sociology Assignment on Homelessness

Week 3 Homelessness Assignment

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Week 3 Homelessness Assignment
Social Problem of Homelessness Defined
Homelessness is an ongoing problem for our society. Every day we come to terms with the effects of it, but what about the causes? By definition, homeless people are without a home. Society is viewed as subjective and social status and inequality are demonstrated through status symbols. The relationship between the individual and society is that the individual and society are both co-dependent. This perspective approaches the homeless through symbols. These symbols can be anything. The clothes they wear, the way they act and the foods they eat all represent symbols.
Explanation of the Problem using Functionalist Theory
The homeless populations actually can and do sustain themselves and, in most cases, are able to survive the rigors of daily life---even if living less than a meager existence. Hunkering down in a cardboard box when tired, eating discarded food from a trash can, bathing or washing clothes in rain-filled ditches are all simply beholden to the ways that some in humanity take care of themselves, Homelessness however is a burden upon the greater whole of society, it is important to bring all members of society up to a minimal standard of living so that all individuals in society can play a greater, more productive role in contributing to turning the gears of the machine called society. (McMorrow-Hernandez, 2007)

Hypothesis Consistent with Functionalist Theory
If people within a society cannot afford housing or obtain a job they may become homeless within said society.
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