Homeless Childre

Homeless Children
Alia Abutaa
July 12, 2010
Anie Sklar

Homeless Children
Driving around at times a driver is bound to see a person standing on a corner with a sign reading, homeless and in need of money.   That driver may hand out a dollar or keep going thinking that their money is going to someone who is being lazy.   The world of the homeless is much more than a person realizes.   Every person on the street has a story of why they are living on the streets.   Many of those that have made their home on the streets are children, in fact, “Based on a 2004 report 1.35 million children in the United States experience homelessness each year (Petersburg, 2008).”   Why and how are the children of America living on the streets, so many ask?   Like what was said before, everyone has their story.   It is certain that homeless children and youths included are quickly growing in number.   Some of them are homeless with a single parent or are runaways.   Another question to ask is what happens to them if they do not receive help?
Having youth on the streets increased dramatically by 350% during the 1990’s (Petersburg, 2008).   Many children can be found homeless with a parent, more likely with their mother.   Children can get caught up in the unstableness of drama of their parent.   The drama can range from being several issues such as they happen to be young mothers, who possibly are teenagers.   Their parents might have decided to kick the mother along with baby out of the house and with no place to go that means more than likely living in a shelter and having trouble attending school because day care becomes an issue.   Another scenario could be that the mother decides she can longer handle remaining in an abusive relationship with a spouse and takes off with her child and finds out that they will be struggling for a while.   They are not all single mothers out there with kids but some of them are with both set of parents. A family that goes from living in a house or...