Homelessness, whether caused by inattention, lack of detail, or misunderstanding, is a real problem in the United States. I think most people look at it as laziness. I would say to my dad all the time, these people just don’t want to participate in a “normal life routine”.   What is a normal life routine? Getting up every morning, going to work or saying yes sir, no sir? I think maybe life is just what it is, yours to do with as you see fit.
Most homeless people choose to be homeless and now I see why. They’re tired of a monarchy or peasant only society, where there told how to dress or how to act. You’re expected to do as the ruling class says. In my opinion, we are the homeless ones. We have no free will. I myself would rather go along with the system then stir up waves. We’ve been bred this way since the beginning of time. There has always been a wealthy and poor element of society. This being said, there has always been a homeless element, even during the Jurassic period scientists believe there were 2 types of life. Predator and victim or rich and poor. Someone had to lead and someone had to follow. If it has always been like this, how can we be expected to change now? Are we foolish enough to think we have come far enough? Like the good sheriff from Mayberry, do we really believe we can take care of life’s problems, life’s homelessness, by just being nice? I’d like to think so. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up as a role reversal. I’ll be the predator to take the reins of life in hand and change destiny.
In my world we’ll have no indifference.   No injustice, only equality. Fighting is a thing of the past, as it dies out along with our fore fathers. They take their hatred with them never to be thought or spoken of again. My world sounds pretty good right? Too bad it will never happen. The creators of our universe would never allow it. As they too have our beliefs. They are after all the ones who started them. We’ve all heard about the Gods or the Creators,...