One of the main goals of every government is to solve the homeless, which has appeared in the development of human society and is hard to eliminate. What is homelessness? What are the reasons of it? Homelessness is a serious social problem. It might be defined as a group of people in society who are too poor to have housing, food, clothe, education, and other essential needs of life. Despite the fact that, most governments carry out many ways to deal with this essential problem, the advantage of homelessness is raising. For example, the unemployment rate in Canada rose from 4% to 8.4% in June 2009. According to the statement of Tarczynski (2009) the system of our society has been increasing the income distribution gap between the rich and the poor. With today’s recession, there will be more people have become jobless, homeless and live a low-quality life. It is obvious to find the prime reasons for homelessness. Although the economic crises still hit the business sector around the world private companies should keep the employees in their jobs because cut down job will increase the homeless.  
Unfairly treatment from companies is the most important reason for homelessness. Thousands of workers are treated unfairly by their companies because their employers want to get more benefit. For example, when most of companies can not cover all their costs, they usually fire a great number of workers to cut down expenses and avoid going bankrupt. Nevertheless, this is not the perfect way to solve their problem, but it is the most simple and easiest method. That makes a great deal of people loss their jobs and incomes for their lives. Then they can not afford anything which is basic for their lives without money and join the group of poor people. In addition, compared to present inflation, some companies do not raise their workers’ salary enough. Companies want to gain more benefit and enhance their market competitiveness. That leads to the degrading of many...