Acedemic Integrity

Academic Integrity
Professional values and ethics are important when striving to achieve healthy relationships and both academic and career success.   When attending school, achieving Academic Integrity is a perfect example of professional values and ethics.   An example of Academic Integrity is choosing to do what is   morally right wrather then taking the easy way out.   Anyone can easily choose to plagiarize or cheat on a test, this would be covenant for those who have a busy schedule; but those who have Academic Integrity work late hours to achieve their goals, no matter the pressure, no matter the sacrifice.   Professional Integrity is another important source of professional values and ethics.
Professional Integrity
Those who maintain Professional Integrity are honest, loyal, compassionate, and trustworthy.   Making a mistake on the job, then denying it is the complete opposite of Professional Integrity.   Professional Integrity takes dedication and commitment, not only by being true to professional values and ethics, but also by being true to others; no matter the circumstance, no matter the cost.   Picking up where others lack, working long hours to meet a deadline, and facing challenges are al examples of Professional Integrity.   Both Academic Integrity and Professional Integrity work Hand-in-hand to achieve success, but in order to obtain Academic and Professional Integrity, personal values must be examined and determined.
Personal Values
A personal value is that, which is valued and important, a priority.   Personal values are usually influenced during early childhood by Parents, Teachers, and other Adults.   Making a priority to stay drug- free, never cheating, and choosing honesty are all examples of personal values.   “Being Successful depends on making sure personal values and goals are aligned,” John (pg.1).   Those who make an effort to obtain both professional values and ethics will have a higher chance of achieving both academic and career success....