History and Politics

Could USSR implement Marshal Plan instead of USA
                      after 2-nd World War?

As an introduction to my thesis at first I want to give brief information about the aim of Marshall Plan that was introduced by USA after 2-nd World War. The aim was to reconstruct destroyed Europe during the 2-nd World War and create strong economic units in Western Europe. But there are also invisible aims that USA considered them necessary according to it’s interests. These were the threat of Communism that had already spread all around Eastern Europe. Communism threat actually was very good pretext for USA in order to interfere to Europe and establish their economic well-being due to it’s consideration. By this plan USA could easily made Europe economically dependent from itself. Europe could not be rebuilt without any aid or support. This support firstly came from USA. By the strengthening Europe USA planned to create “buffer zone” between USSR and USA.   The created Communist state in Europe would act due to USSR’s interests as an ally. If the number of Communist states in Europe increased to 3 that meant, USA would lose it’s influence points over Europe. Postwar situation was like that in Europe: Communist parties in France and Italy became very active and popular, unique Germany was separated thus it was opportunity for Communists to root in Eastern Germany. All stated factors above forced USA to implement Marshall Plan. The core question is this: “Could USSR implement such kind of plan in order to prevent possible threats as USA?”
I think not, it was impossible for USSR to realize such kind of “Plan” due to 3 reasons after 2-nd World War: economic, social and political. I’m going to explain economic obstacles below that could not let USSR to act as USA.
As we know USSR left the 2-nd World War as a winner however the economic growth rate was fully reduced , eco-system infrastructures were destroyed, life conditions were decreased twice (1) with comparison to...