Political Science


© Government of Tamilnadu First Edition - 2004 Reprint - 2005

Dr. S. Subramanian Former Professor and Head Department of Political Science Madurai Kamaraj University Saraswathi Illam, # 87/25, Chetty Street Ayanavaram, Chennai

Reviewers Untouchability is a sin Untouchability is a crime Untouchability is inhuman
M. Murali Senior Grade Lecturer Political Seicnce Department Presidency, College, Chennai Dr. K. Palanisamy Guest Faculty Anna Centre for Public Affairs University of Madras, Chennai Dr. V. N. Viswanathan Reader in Political Science Presidency College, Chennai Dr. B.Krishnamurthy Reader in Political Science Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar

N.K. Kumaresan Raja Lecturer in Political Science Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar Mrs. G.Sundararaman Post Graduate Teacher (Political Science) M.M.A Govt.Hr. Sec. School Pallavaram

College Road, Chennai - 600 006.

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This book has been prepared by the Directorate of School Education on behalf of the Government of Tamilnadu. This book has been printed on 60 G.S.M. paper

ABOUT THE BOOK The text book on Political Science for the 11th Standard of the Higher Secondary Course has been prepared at the instance of the Director and Joint Director (P) of the Directorate of School Education, Government of Tamilnadu. They spelt out clearly the objectives of the present exercise in evolving a new curriculum and framing of a new syllabus for H.S.Course to be followed from the 2004 academic year. They gave the experts and educationists whom they met for this purpose with certain valuable feedbacks and inputs. The first and foremost objective was that the text book produced shall provide information and knowledge commensurate to the course of study. Another important objectives was that the standard of the book should be such as to cater to the needs of those who wanted to prepare for...
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    POLITICAL SCIENCE CHAPTER ONE: 1. What is political power? Political power is the ability to influence the political behavior of others. Political power is...
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    concerned with the means for implementing political values and is identified with the executive branch. It differs with political science on its emphasis on behavior...
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    several names as politics (Aristotle), political science (William Godwin & Mary Wollstonecraft), science of state (R.G.Gettel), and science of politics (Sir.Fredrick...
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    FINAL FOR POLITICAL SCIENCE 3.Everyone has their own value and beliefs about government. Not everyone falls into a certain category of political ideology. A lot...
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