Hr Importance

Study of Effective Human Resource management:
HRM Objectives, Responsibilities, Capabilities and Effects

Many of the previous literature writers focused on the Leadership capabilities of Human Resource Manager and various articles tried to find out the linking between HRM and a particular business or field of a business. Well, “Human Resource Management” is still more interesting topic to research because of its consistently growing importance in all type of Industries, organizations, companies and everywhere.

This paper exposes the need and purpose of studying the Human resource management sector, Human resource manager’s Objectives in terms of its responsibilities and Capabilities to cope with the expectations in achieving the objectives.
The result suggest that if a human resource manager would adopt all the necessary skills and behaviors (Capabilities) to strengthen their managing people skills and behaviors, then it would be beneficial for successful delivery of projects or products (Eddie Fisher, 2010). The additional future study should be done in more interesting areas such as gender differences and HRM, Difference in Human resource management of developing and developed countries; to further nourishment of the human resource manager’s objectives, skills and capabilities.
Purpose of This Article:
The main purpose of selecting this subject as research area is to find out the effectiveness of people, employee, labor, workers or man force, human values in short Human resource on the projects or organizations productivity, reputation, market, achievements, growth and success.
The another purpose included in this review is that the objectives of a human resource manager are not only related to interview, select and recruiting, training the workforce but also contributes in handling variety of other issues in business and cultural related sectors. These issues mainly includes productivity and growth of organizations, firm’s competitive...