The Role of Information and Communication Technology(Ict) in Higher Education

The Role of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in Higher Education.
                                      Moyuri Chetiya
Assistant Professor
    Dept. of English
C.K.B. College , Teok.
Introduction :
Information and communication technology (ICT) is a force that has changed many aspects of our life and living. In the fields of medicine, tourism, travel, banking, business, engineering and architecture , the impact of ICT in the past two or three decades in our country has been enormous. But when one looks at education, there seems to have been far less change than in the other fields. Various factors are responsible for this lack of activity and influence such as   lack of funding to support the purchase of technology ,   lack of training among established teaching practitioners,   lack of motivation and need among teachers to adopt ICT as teaching tools etc. But with the world moving rapidly into digital media and information, the role of ICT in education is becoming more and more important and this importance will continue to grow and develop in the twenty- first century.
This paper highlights on the importance and impact of ICT on contemporary higher education and explores future developments.This paper also explores the factors related to policy, planning, technical requirements as well as training required for the stakeholders for the successful implementation of ICT in an education system.
Importance Of ICT Based Higher Education   System For Students:
1. Information and   Communication Technology provides various opportunities to higher education learners. It removes the barriers of space and time   by providing most of their courses on the web.
2. It   decreases the cost of instruction.
3. It offers opportunities for both traditional and non- traditional students to learn through digital interaction.
4. While most traditional students prefer to take online courses due to economic reasons, distance, physical disability etc., most...