Heath and Society

AC3.1 How to minimize abuse

        Scenario | How I would deal with situation |
                                        Refuses to take medication | I will try to give some idea about the importance of medication and influence to take medication. Otherwise, can take the way of desertion, such as give it to them by hiding in his/her food. |
An individual who wants to join lonely hearts club but whose family are opposed to him doing so | I will try to realize him/her about the importance of his/her presence in the family and influence him/her to use up much time with family. And also try to motivate his/her family to give him/her enough time so that he/she never feels loneliness. |
An individual who tells you that another person is stealing money but does not want to report it | Either the person (who steals money) can be motivated not to do steal further or the individual (who doesn’t want to report) may be influenced to take action against stealing or both. |

AC2.1: Strength and weaknesses of current legislation to reduce abuse:
The UK has a government-sponsored universal healthcare system called the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS consists of a series of publicly funded healthcare systems in the UK. The NHS Plan promises more power and information for patients, more hospitals and beds, more doctors and nurses, considerably shorter waiting times for appointments, enhanced healthcare for older patients, and tougher standards for NHS organizations.
The UK's health care system is one of the well-organized in the world, according to a study of seven industrialized countries. The Commonwealth Fund report looked at five areas of performance - quality, efficiency, access to care, equity and healthy lives, UK performed well when it came to quality of care and access to care. The UK also ranked first in efficiency, which was measured by examining total national spending on healthcare as a percentage of GDP, as well as the amount spent on healthcare...