Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Assignment

Healthy Eating Plan
Tracy Valantiejus
March 20, 2011
Traci Davis

Healthy Eating Plan
My diet is rather poor, compared to the recommendations for the food guild pyramid.   I was really low on the amount of fruit I should be eating, and to me that was rather shocking, beings I love banana‚Äôs and oranges.   I did eat at least one serving a day from each of the food groups.   But was low on the amounts I needed to consume on a daily basis.   I was a little high on the recommended fat intake.   I was low on the saturated fat intake, low on the cholesterol intake and very high on the sodium intake.   And that alerts me because my body is already retaining to much fluid.   In order to modify my diet , so that I get the recommended servings of each food group, I need to cut back on sweets and snack type foods.   Some nutrient rich foods that I can add to my daily diet would be more fruits and vegetables.
Nutrients are chemicals found in foods that are very important to human growth as well as human function.   There are six different classes of nutrients.   They are carbohydrates, which are the primary source of fuel for our bodies.   Fats which work with our body when relaxing or sleeping are also needed for a healthy diet.   Some protein rich foods that I need to add to my daily diet are fish, legumes, which are peas and lentils and beans, and nuts.   Proteins support the growth, repair and maintenance of the tissues in the body.   According   to my personal pyramid tracker, I am over consuming some minerals.   Minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and sodium assist in regulating our body functions, which include regulating fluids and producing energy and health of our blood and bones.   Minerals also help our body dispose of a lot of different harmful by products of metabolism.
I really need to lower my intake of sodium and fats.   Some of the nutrient rich foods that I   consume in my diet are corn and oatmeal which are whole grain foods which can help with weight...