Health Psychologly Committee Report

Health Psychology Committee Report


Joanne Petrie


Marie Smith

Axia College University of Phoenix


Health Psychology Committee Report
    In my effort to accomplish or solve patient health care, to regulate by reducing the length
or duration of hospitalizations and employ use to enhance the adherence to medical systematic
plans, the Health Psychology Committee has established a branch of medicine that deals with
mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders that are compromised of five personnel that are
responsible for carrying out the psychological stage of work that will enable the treatments of
individuals under medical care to be on a more rational and complete level. By carrying out
hospitals (Child Development Institute, 2008). If this were the only reason to carry out the use
of the science of mind and behavioral methods in the treatment of individuals this would be
enough reasons exclusive of anyone or anything else. Although, taking into regard the plainly
true presence of stress in any instance of not being in good health, and the fact that stress not
only effects behavior responses but also impairs immune system functioning by changes in the
body’s physical systems, the role of psychology becomes even more evident in providing patient
care (Sarafino, 2006).
    By uniting the study of science of mind and behavior into health care the patient can experience
the amount of stress being reduced which will in the end increase or improve their overall health.
This will have a beneficial or tangible effect in shorter hospitalizations and enrich patient flexibility
with treatment regimens. An individual awaiting or under medical care will be well or better
equipped with the necessary tools or skills to successfully cope and adapt with a assortment of
illnesses. Operative coping plans or methods can only be gained or planned by action or efforts
used through the use of psychological procedures....