Psychology and Health Problems

Health and Illness are today still something that is looked at and pondered about.   In health psychology, there has been a multifactorial model that has tried to accommodate our questions about our health and illnesses. The multifactorial model has recognized there is basically no simple answer regarding why some people get sick more often than others. However, it does look at some main factors in our life’s such as; genetic factors and our lifestyle factors.
One way this can be looked at is our genetics that was mentioned. Things like cancer, disabilities, birth complications, and how our bodies react to certain bacteria’s and viruses, just to name a few. Another thing to look at that is important is ethnicity. Some may find this strange, but for example if you are African American you are more prone to having high blood pressure. So just because you are African American does not mean that you will have high blood pressure and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. However, things like the lifestyle factor that was mentioned can help this aspect in a way. Some African Americans usually take in more salt, smoke, and have stress, which in anyone can make the blood pressure sore. Nevertheless, if one would step back see this than one can change their lifestyle and possibly prevent the high blood pressure, whether African American or not. Therefore, having the multifactorial model can help with all of these things if we just examine it and see what the listings can be and diagnosing illnesses that can be prevented.
One interesting thing that can be looked at as well with this is headaches. Headaches can cause so much to our bodies and the things in our lifestyles like stress can have the biggest impact on all types of headaches. The most common type of headaches is tension headaches and migraine headaches. Tension headaches are most commonly started when the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) takes place and causes our muscles to contract (muscles that usually...