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Prejudice and Discrimination Article
                                                      December 10, 2010

    In my travel to Bosnia I learned that what should have been a time of peace for this country after years of war unfortunately is not peaceful. For, there is still so many problem in which divides the country between the Bosnia Muslims, Croats, and Serbs. After the war the thought of peace and live together was the goal of hope, but this did not happen for the mistrust and turmoil it is sad for the Bosnia ethnic groups are more apart than ever and fear living among one another.
    The discrimination that exists between the Croats and the Muslims has become such a common thing among the people in Bosnia. It seems they have been affected by this to the point in where they do not even care to make peace among themselves anymore.
    Instead, the people of Bosnia continue to support and instigate prejudice and discrimination towards their opposing religious faith. An example of such an instinctive prejudice is again in the countries political system. For one thing that should not happen in politics is the interference of religious faith and views, and this is a huge problem between the Bosniaks and Muslims.
    These civil wars in which the country is currently involved in, this is a product of religious prejudice and discrimination. Being that Bosniaks are the majority in the country, the Islamic faith reigns over Christianity. The views and ideas of the Muslims are highly ignored by Christians in this country. Also the Croats and the Serbs are both branched from Christianity and they share a common belief, even though combined they are the religious minority in the country.
    This turmoil is a continuous problem with in this country and does not look like...