Week 3 Health Promotion Program

Health Promotion Program
April Winspear
July 31,2011

Health Promotion Program

In the workplace of Leather Fashion Company, many people are obese and do not exercise. Some employees smoke cigarettes and have a hard time breathing, but do not know how to quit. Many employees eat at fast food restaurants for lunch and then feel groggy upon returning to work. Among the diversity of employees regarding socioeconomic range, age, language, education, and work departments. With all this diversity, it is hard to develop a program that will benefit one aspect of employees. After extensive consideration the company came up a program to accommodate all. This program is known as the Working People Health Program in the basement of the Community Building where the Leather Fashion Company is located.
The Working People Health Program would help employees learn healthy eating habits, exercise to lose weight, and stop a bad habit. Four Goals of the Working People Health Program:
  1. Participants will learn healthy eating habits.
  2. Participants will exercise twice a week.
  3. Participants will identify a bad habit.
  4. Participants will learn how to eliminate or deal with the bad habit or behavior.
This program is designed to make employees healthy, which will affect his or her work. His or her social status will increase because he or she will be in a better mood. Employees will not be calling in sick all the time because they will be healthier. Once a person feels good about him or herself, he or she tends to show it in his or her performance. This will increase production, make employees happy, and eliminate stress from the workplace.
This program is not designed to single out one age group, but to include everyone. It opens doors up for people who struggle financially. Some people want to exercise and they do not have the extra money to join a gym. This program allows for employees to exercise and learn eating healthy without the expense of...