Ethical Issues Facing Health Care

Ethical Issue Facing Healthcare

Ethical Issue Facing Healthcare

In the healthcare field there are many issues that may arise having a person think, is this ethical or not? The issue could be something as little as giving a patient some extra food to giving a patient pills earlier than they are suppose to have them. There may be financial reason right an individual in the healthcare field has to make ethical decisions. Ethical issues and healthcare has had a lot of problems to arise more than normal in the most recent years. This particular paper is giving a brief summary on ethical issues and therapist.

The issue at hand is how Medicare has put a cap on physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Medicare has put a limit on how much they will pay for these services which is disabling elderly patients from getting services to be able to return home. The elderly patients would have to pay out of pocket anything over $1,740, in which most seniors cannot afford to do. With these caps being set in place it is putting a financial, physical and mental burden on elderly patients. The ethical issue at hand is that therapist came into healthcare to services patients needs. Therapist has to think of what is more ethical in the situation providing services to patients or the financial situation for the company.

The proposed solution that Medicare came up with was an exception policy for the elderly individual that is staying in Skilled Nursing Facilities or Assisted Living Facilities. The policy would allow elderly individuals living in a Skilled Nursing Facility or Assisted Living Facility to receive services free of charge with proper documentation. This policy is still leaving elderly individuals that refuse to go to a home with the burden of having to pay for therapy out of pocket.

The rising cost of healthcare has caused many ethical issues in healthcare ranging from the facility itself to law makers. Therapists are just one sector of healthcare that...