Health and Social Level 3 Unit 4 P5

Unit 23 – P5 “explain the advantages and disadvantages of complementary therapies in maintaining health and wellbeing”

In this assignment I will be writing about my 3 specific points and discussing in terms their disadvantages and also their advantages.   My three specific points that I will be talking about are; providing lifestyle advice and guidance, eliminating root and cause of the problem, side effects and contraindications.

Providing lifestyle Advice and guidance:
It is a natural treatment for complementary therapies to give advice and guidance to people who suffer from illnesses or injuries. The believe that they should get the person as Well, as the disease better, the therapists try's to make sure that the patient is much fitter even after treatment. They believe that the pairs to bodies are most likely to be able to fight the infection quicker. A advantage is that by the patient getting advice by the professional after the illness or injury is gone, they know what caused it. By this they could give advice to the patients to make sure the risk of that disease, illness or injury doesn't occur again. The professionals will give normal advice like how much exercise you should do in a certain amount of time zone and the the advice on your lifestyle general choices, e.g. Smoking. Also by getting advice and guidance for your illness then it could generally help other conditions by making your health and fitness much better overall. E.g. If someone had an illness from smoking and they went to a therapist and got advice, gave up smoking then the illness would go and also their health and be able to do more exercise will become much better. The other advantage is that all the lifestyle changes helps them in a way it empowers them and it has more control of the illness. With this treatment of advice and guidance, it doesn't put any toxins into the body so there is minimum side effects and can't make your illness physically worse.

Eliminating root...