Health and Social Care Campaign Evaluation

Evaluation of our Campaign
Within this section of work I will be evaluating our safe sex campaign that we created. We will be going into detail on each part of the health campaign and evaluating to see if we achieved our aims and objectives of which we set.   We will also be looking at our questionnaires that were given out to our audience before and after our presentation to see if we had been successful. We will also be explaining some of our unintended outcome of our presentation.
Aims and Objectives
Our main aim was to educate our audience on safe sex and the dangers of having unprotected sex. As we knew that they may knew some already we included all of them so as we knew they would learn something.   We also aimed to explain to them about the legal ages as well as the contraceptives. To make sure we met this aim we explained in full detail about all the different dangers of having sex with no protection for example pregnancy as well as explaining all the different STI’s and how a person could know if they had one. We also explained the first effects of pregnancy so as women are able to know if they are pregnant before it’s too late. Also we explained how to prevent any of these from happening by explaining in detail about the various types of contraceptives as well as how they work and how effective each one is.
One of my objectives was to explain to the teenagers when they should be having sex and making sure they felt as though they were ready as well as knowing the various types of contraception they have to choose from. We achieved this aim by explaining to them when should be the best time to first have sex and when you should not. For example we explained that you should make sure that before having sex for the first time you should have a comfortable partner that you have known for a long while as well as them respecting your decision and you doing the same. Also we researched each type of contraception and put them onto the...