Health and Safety P1

Role: The client is the person who will own the building or project and will ultimately be the person who pays for the work.
Responsibilities: The client must demonstrate an acceptable understanding of health and safety. The client also has certain responsibilities while the work is taking place; they have to appoint a CDM Co-ordinator who will assist the client with their duties and any legal issues the client may have while the work is taking place. The client should also appoint a principal contractor whom will plan and manage the clients work. The client should not allow work to commence until the contractor has prepared a suitable health and safety plan and installed welfare facilities. Lastly a client should make sure a health and safety file is prepared and is ready for hand over once the project has been completed and the client should also keep it available for any future work that may be carried out or for new owners of the building.

Principal contractor
Role: The principal contractor or sometimes referred to as the main contractor is the company that is constructing the building/project, the company can either be a large or small organization.
Responsibilities: The main contractor has duties and responsibilities as an employer under the HASAWA 1974 and the CDM regulations 2007 place specific responsibilities upon them. One responsibility is the main contractor needs to ensure that the construction phase is planned, managed and monitored correctly and efficiently. It is the responsibility of the principal contractor to provide contractors with all the information they need to be able to carry out the work safely, the employees may also need further training for the work and this is the main contractor responsibility to solve this before an employee injures themselves. The principle contractor has a duty to ensure that safe working, co-ordination and co-operation between all contractors working on site; this will help keep the project...