Health and Safety


(Health and safety).

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1994 applies to all people at work whether they are employers, employees or trainees, Employed or self employed.

As an employee, I have a duty under the health And Safety at Work Act 1974. It is my responsibility to ensure the well being of myself, my colleagues, residents and visitors.

In my role as unit manager, part of my duties involves ensuring the implementation and compliance of the health and safety policy, I do this during the induction of new staff and through regular supervisions and annual appraisal, undertaking and reviewing risk assessments, specific to the individual service user and the residential unit, allocating dedicated coordinators to check the safety and good working order of equipment and maintaining and reviewing equipment and quality audits.

During induction I ensure all new staff are introduced and are familiar with the content of the health and safety policy.

As a unit manager I have a duty to assist the home manager in ensuring all staff has access to mandatory training such as,

    • Manual Handling.

    • Fire Safety Awareness.

    • COSHH.

    • P.O.V.A (Protection of Vulnerable Adults).

    • Infection Control.

    • Basic Food Hygiene.

And that they attend regular update training.

I ensure that myself and my staff,

    • Work safely, have access to, and use appropriate personal protective clothing.

    • Comply with the safety rules, instructions and follow all procedures and policies.

    • Report any unsafe practices or work methods.

    • Report any accidents or incidents that have or may lead to, injury or damage.

    • Cooperate and assist in any investigation of accidents or incidents and in the prevention of recurrences.

As a health and safety coordinator, I am responsible for enforcing safe practices and the use of protective clothing and the reporting, recording and investigating of any accidents and...