Health and Safety Responsibilities at Work

Health and safety responsibilities at work
Site manager
The site manager is in a brilliant position to make sure workers are following safety legislations on site. In order to observe health and safety correctly they must be able to:
  * Understand the health and safety rules that they work for.
  * Finding hazards and ways to minimize the risks before work is carried out
  * Documents are kept safe and secure
  * Make sure that staff is well trained and competent in the work they are going to take out.
  * Make sure staff are aware of current health risks using toolbox talks.

General laborer
All employers have a general role in health and safety whilst working on site, to ensure work is done as safely as possible.
  * Report obvious risks to the site manager
  * Follow site health and safety rules
  * Take part in toolbox talks
  * Make sure you only carry out work in which competent doing.

Architects have a responsibility to take away the amount of risk or to even completely eliminate the risk during the buildings design stages.

  * Remove hazards when designing
  * Give detailed info if risks are still on site
  * Give info needed for the health and safety files.

CDM Coordinator
The construction design manager is given individual roles and responsibilities on preparing health and safety before the build contract has started and after it has finished.
There main responsibilities are to :
  * To make sure all workers coordinate work well and safely
  * To make sure the health and safety file maintained and up to date
  * To ensure there is good communication between client, designers and contractors
A health and safety executive is there to set up and control health and safety in many working sectors, construction being one of them. If necessary they have permission to inspect any construction site using the F10 notification form.
There main responsibilities are to:
  * To advise on...