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Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness
My current fitness habits are not very good. On occasion I will work out and walk my dog. I am considered to be obese and I am working toward changing these poor health habits. I have set myself some goals in which I will walk my dog   every day or every other day. I have high blood pressure that I know is affected by my weight along with my poor fitness and my poor nutritional habits. I feel a change coming that will turn my life around for the good of my health.
My current nutritional habits have recently changed for the better. In the past four weeks I have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. Past diet habits included an assortment of meat and fried foods. I have given up meat entirely and I feel better. I chose to become vegetarian not only to help myself but also the environment and to aid in the stopping of animal cruelty.
Health risks associated with obesity are premature death, cardiovascular disease, which includes high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Gaining 11-20 pounds   increases these risks significantly when you are obese. Other health risks include; sleep apnea, asthma, the risk of developing arthritis, complications during pregnancy, and increased risks of osteoarthritis.
Three new fitness habits that I can incorporate into my lifestyle are walking more, I walk everyday but sometimes at work or even at home I grow lazy. To incorporate more walking I can park further away from doors, use stairs and do more waling of the sales floor instead of sitting in the back office all day. Walking more will keep my blood flowing and help keep the pounds down, this will also increase my energy levels.
Bicycling to and from work would be easily incorporated into my fitness habits. I live six miles away from work. Biking to and from work will assist with my cardiovascular health. Getting a 30-45 minute cardio work out per day will help with lung and heart function. This will help bring down my blood pressure in...