Health and Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness
Team D: Kim Correa, Anna Foster, Tamonika Harvey, Gregory Randazza
University of Phoenix

Nutrition and Fitness
    We are going to use a certain example citizen and let’s call him Pete.   Pete is a male in his late 40’s.   He is in management and is the sole provider for his wife and 3 children.   Pete works between 50-60 hours per week.   Although Pete may look somewhat like he is physically fit, his latest physical showed him having slight hypertension along with high cholesterol.
    Pete has not exercised since his college years and his eating habits are not the greatest.   His daily routine consists of getting up at 7:00 am, taking a shower followed by getting dressed for work.   Pete then goes down into the kitchen where he slurps down a cup of coffee with cream and sugar and eats a cheese danish along with it.   He has been overloaded at work lately and must take some work home with him which explains him being awake late at night.   Continuing on with Pete’s day he is jammed packed at work with piles of papers on his desk.   Naturally, Pete is too busy for a healthy lunch so he stuffs down a slice of pizza in which his co-workers chipped in to buy with him.   About 5:30 pm Pete finally leaves his office to meet with a client at a local restaurant.   Here is where he has two or three alcoholic beverages along with his Fettuccini Alfredo dinner.   Pete arrives home around 8:00 pm just in time to kiss his kids good night and spend a brief moment with his wife in whom she tells him about her and the kid’s day.   On weekends Pete shuffles his wife and three kids around from the soccer field to the baseball field and possibly to the Hallmark store to get a card for their nephew’s 3:00 pm birthday party.
    Do you need to know more reasons why Pete was diagnosed with moderate hypertension and high cholesterol?   Living this unhealthy and stressful lifestyle Pete is headed down a path of many possible health risks including being overweight or...