russia is the most fascinating countries in the word and has the most interestindg history.its atetudes and values at the 1914 time will care very interestring from its populated living areas to its tradgic assosanATION Of tsar the seconed.
Russion way of life      
Russia is one of the biggest countries on earth ,and in fact one of the   coldestcold land covered in forestsof pine trees.It is one of the largest empires rulled byh tsarnichlas the second.125 lived in the Russian empire.The majority of people living in russia were concurred by tsars ancestors.

In1905 the socialst revelutioary   party in   russia wanted to give all the land in russ to the mirs so the besents could have more share in the land witch meant taking away land from tsar,nobles and the church who owned most of russia .these developments became an act of terrorisim.the sr also held held formal congress the following 4 points were aresult of there congress;
  * Russia needed a armed uprising
  * Russia needed a federal republic
  * All private states were to be exposed
  * Terror could be used to advance the cause of socialist revelution.
Tsar Nicolas the 11 the emperor of Russia was an autocrat monarch .Nicolas did whatever he liked he could make :
  * new laws,
  *   increase taxes,
  * sack any minister or adviser who disagreed   with him .
In 1904 russia went to war with japan .they were fighting for control control over korea and Manchuria in the far east .tsar was happy to go to war because he thought a quick victory would make him popular and people would stop critersiing his government.unforchenatly the Russian army suffered deafeats one after the other.to help the army tsar senta Russian baitric fleet to manturia but it arrived in Japanese waters and it was destroyed by the japenese.the war with japan weakened tsars position.
when the war ended in1915 the Rusconomy started to collapse it   made conditions worse for working people:...