Jordan's 2007 Parliamentary Elections:

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Jordan’s 2007 Parliamentary Elections: Tracking & Exit Polls
Conducted in Six Electoral Districts:
Amman 3rd, Amman 4th, Zarqa 1st, Irbid 2nd, Karak 1st and Tafileh 1st January 20, 2008
The parliamentary election tracking polls were conducted in two waves, on October 25-28 and November 8-11, 2007. 3010 interviews were conducted in the first wave & 2961 interviews in the second wave. The parliamentary elections exit poll was conducted on Election Day, November 20, 2007. 3729 interviews were conducted. Margin of error is ±2% at 95% confidence level The field work for these polls was conducted by Middle East Marketing and Research Consultants. For the exit poll, MEMRC mobilized 195 interviewers, supervisors and coordinators; 88 technicians for data collection, entry and processing; four system analysts and six executive staff. The exit poll covered 104 balloting centers out of a total of 209 located in the six districts, or 467 ballot boxes out of a total of 816.

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This poll was supported by the International Republican Institute (IRI)


Tracking & Exit Polls
Conducted in Six Electoral Districts
Amman 3rd, Amman 4th, Zarqa 1st, Irbid 2nd, Karak 1st and Tafileh 1st BACKGROUND Elections for the Lower House of the Jordanian Parliament were held on November 20, 2007. These were the fifth national elections in Jordan since the return of electoral politics to the Kingdom in 1989. The parliamentary elections were conducted according to the 2003 Temporary Election Law which stipulates a “one-person one-vote” system, i.e. a single non-transferable vote system in multiple-member districts which allows voters to choose one candidate on the ballot. The Law also establishes a six-seat quota for women, a...