Gym Teaches More Than Just Football

Should sports classes be sacrificed in High School so students can concentrate on academic subjects?

We all know and dread that familiar British voice telling us that the test will begin after the triple beep, and we all remember that strange mixture of nausea and pride after we run until we can’t possibly run any more, and then a bit longer.   Yes, I’m talking about the Beep Test; by far my least favourite part of gym class and maybe even high school.   However, although the Beep Test can be classified as a mild form of torture, the idea that sports classes get in the way of academics and should be banned is outrageous.   Physical Education cannot be sacrificed in High School as it teaches physical, emotional and social skills that are necessary for a student’s healthy development, and cannot be taught in a traditional classroom.   Gym class gives students who are less academically inclined a chance to shine; teaches teamwork, cooperation and other social skills; and of course promotes a healthy and active lifestyle in an increasingly overweight society.

Everyone has something they’re really good at, and for some it is not sinusoidal functions or algorithms; it’s athletics.   Phys. Ed gives those students a chance to showcase their skills and help teach their peers, building self-confidence and leadership.   It also allows them to further develop their skills which can lead to many new opportunities like sports scholarships; giving students who would otherwise not be able to pursue post-secondary education a giant advantage that can change the whole outcome of their life.   “Over 126,000 student-athletes receive either a partial or full athletic scholarship [each year]” (National Collegiate Athletic Association) in the USA alone, a number which would decrease significantly if gym classes were cut in high school.   Thus the number of students able to go college would be reduced as well, especially those who are already financially disadvantaged and whose only chance...