Why I Want to Become a Teacher

Recipe for Success

I wanted to present this propsal to the administration of Hammond High School to give you Principal Fullilove and the Hammond High Community an overall synopsis of my vision for the football program and most importantly the vision of the Administration of Hammond High School.

I’m submitting this letter to express my genuine interest in becoming the next head football coach at Hammond High School.   I’m a proud Alum of Simeon High School in Chicago. I was very blessed to be coach by one of the all-time greatest coaches in Illinois High School Football history. Not only was Al Scott was a great coach, but he was even a greater man. He was a mentor   and was a father figure for a lot of young men including myself who didn’t have positive male role models in their lives. Coach Scott was a life coach as well as a football coach.   I coach under the tooledge of   Coach Scott from 2003-2005, before I went on to become the head coach at Dyett High and from there the head coach at Kenwood High School.   I was successful at both programs I managed, I had a positive relationship with school administration, parents and community. I left Simeon in 2003 to better prepare myself as a Head Coach for this very opportunity I dreamed about since the untimely death of Coach Al Scott.   I think the knowlegde that I acquire through College Football and my years in the National Football league has taught me a great deal about football and most importantly life. I’m eager to share my knowledge of the game and my life experiences to the student athletes of Hammond High.. Me and my coaching staff who consist of all Simeon Alumni will do everything in our power to live up to and exceed the expectation that is set for Hammond High School Football for years to come athletically and most importantly academically. I’m submitting this proposal to show to the Hammond High   Administration that I’m capable of building a power house academically as well as athletically.