Journey Through Judism

Every religion, every denomination holds on with both hands to the steadfast belief that there’s the one true religion.   Judaism is no different than the others and in fact stands on their belief that the Jews are the chosen people of G-d.  
Judaism is one of the largest religions in the world as well as one of the oldest.   Abraham is reported to be the original Jew, however Islam also traces it’s origins to Abraham.   Being Jewish is also not only a religion but an ethnicity.   There are nearly five million Jews in the United States alone, and they are viewed not only as a religious body, but as a race of people.
Judaism is not just a religion to Jews, but a way of life.   Their day to day life is encompassed by their religious beliefs.   Everything that is done has a religious connection.   The way food is prepared, for instance, is an experience that non Jewish people would not understand.   It has to be handled and prepared by specially trained Rabbi’s, the instruments used must also be kosher (conforming to dietary laws; ritually pure).   If the food is not prepared by these dietary laws, the food is deemed not kosher and not fit to eat.
While other religions, such as Islam, have other dietary restrictions (no pork), food is generally eaten without a lot of ritual involved.   Therein being the one major difference between Judaism and other religions.
The Torah, which is the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, is the sacred text of Judaism.   Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God or as the Messiah.   According to Jewish teaching, Jesus was just a Jewish man, perhaps a minor rabbi, but could not have been the Messiah because the Old Testament prophecies had not and have not been fulfilled.   Peace in Israel is the specific prophecy that keeps Jesus Christ from being the Messiah according to Jewish teachings.   Additionally, there are many different Jewish views regarding the lineage of Jesus Christ.   These questions have sparked many violent arguments among...