Gun Control

In 1999, a man, we will call him Joe, who took his morning walks through a park, was approached by a stranger and asked for the time.   Joe immediately became suspicious.   The stranger who had left in his car came back and walked toward Joe.   Joe reached into his coat pocket cocked the hammer on his pistol that he carried with him on his walks.   Just then, the stranger pulled a gun from his pants rushed after Joe, and Joe shot the stranger.   As the stranger fell to his feet, Joe was left uninjured.   Joe credits his life to a 1996 law that made it legal for qualified people to carry a concealed weapon.   Now imagine what could have happened to Joe if he had not been allowed to carry his weapon!

In 1994 the “Brady Bill” was passed in Congress and used to impose a five day waiting period on the purchase of handguns and required law enforcement to conduct background checks on anyone purchasing a firearm.   Our government should implement gun control laws in order to protect the everyday citizen by educating the public, help minimize the types of firearms being sold and to keep guns out of criminals hands.   Before I get to the body of my speech, I’d like to clarify my position on gun control.  

Since I am an active member of the NRA, an avid competition shooter and so are my children, I obviously don’t agree with taking our right to bear arms away from us.   I do however believe that criminals should not have that right and should face stiffer penalties for having a firearm in their possession.  

One of the issues is the lack of education on firearms.