Tre’s Seay-Justice
Deanna Welter & Delia Uke
Advocacy Services for Kids (Rough Draft)
Being a child may be some of the best years in one’s lifetime filled with endless joyous moments, but not every kid has the same experiences. Each person’s experiences with life are subjective.   Some kids suffer from troubled back rounds, anger issues, depression, low-income families, learning difficulties, etc.   Dealing with adversity as a child can be a true struggle, especially with lack of support.   As a kid, you should be able to happily enjoy each and every day before forced to take on the responsibilities that come with being an adult.   Although, there are plenty young souls who struggle to deal with their hardship, and need help.
In my past, I have dealt with my fair share of adversity.   On the day of my birth, I was born into an odd situation, sadly one that is not uncommon.   With my father nowhere to be found, my mother was given the task of raising me and my three siblings on her lonesome.   Each day my mother worked her fingers to the bone to provide a good life for her children.   The women people know as Donyale, secretly superwomen in disguise.   My beloved mother still dealt with her fair share of issues.   Alcohol was a problematic demon in my house hold.   I was probably eight or nine at the time I realized that my angel had a problem.   One night I was awoken by a nightmare.   I quickly ran into my mother’s room, jumped on her bed, and began to tap her in an attempt to exclaim what had just occurred.   As I proceeded to tap her while whispering ever so softly, “mom wake up” I got no response.   My tapping turned into shaking eventually spiraling into light slaps, but my efforts were no good; she was out cold.   In a frantic state I ran to the light switch, flipped the lights on, and noticed an odd glass bottle placed on my mom’s dresser. The label read “Hennessy Cognac.”   As time went on, I started to notice the dreaded “Hennessy” more and...