The Population Is Growing at an Alarming Rate. Offer Some Solutions

The population of the world is growing at an alarming rate. Outline   some of the problems of overpopulation and offer some possible solutions.

      Nowadays, there are over six billions of people on the earth. The number is still growing at an alarming rate. There are places in which the number of people is enormous. The situation, both in cities and villages, is getting worse. Many people believe that the population will soon be to great in number. The problem of overpopulation is emerging. The problems connected with overpopulation are becoming apparent. Since the number of people is increasing, we cannot ignore them. I believe that there are some possible solutions.
      One of the problems that results from overpopulation is the amount of food necessary to satisfy the needs of the growing population. It is necessary to keep all of us alive. It should be remembered that it may be difficult to accomplish this. Simply, we may not be able to produce the necessary amount of food. To solve the problem, we could search for new ways of cultivating food which would be more efficient.
      Another issue is the living space needed for the population. The more people living, the more space needed. It is clear that houses need to be built somewhere. We also need space to feel comfortable. Perhaps we should consider building more skyscrapers. Another solution would be populating uninhabited terrains. By doing this we could provide enough living space for the growing population.
      It is known that people produce much trash. The amount of rubbish is a great problem even now. Overpopulation may lead to problems with trash utilization. There are many ways in which we could combat the problem. We could educate people to make them aware of the need of recycling, invent packages which would biodegrade much faster.
      These are just a few ways, in which we could limit problems which result from overpopulation and some possible solutions. The population will probably...