Time of Change

A Time of Change

The years 1400-1600 are were countries all around the world changed. In Asia, China was in their powerful Ming Dynasty period, under the ruler Yong Le. In Korea, the great King Sejong started to invent new things that brought Korea’s life today much more easier. In Europe, they had their renaissance, which is the rebirth of ancient Greek, and Rome. What happened in both Europe and Asia changed the world forever.
In Asia, China was ruled under Ming Dynasty from 1368-1644, and Yong Le was the Emperor. Emperor Yong Le had the capital Nanjing moved to Beijing, this is an important piece of history because if the capital didn’t move, then there wouldn’t be no Forbidden City today in Beijing, but the capital did move to Beijing, and Yong Le had the Forbidden City constructed. Today now, The Forbidden City is a very important piece of Architecture. Yong Le also wanted to make China bigger, so he had Zheng He, a great explorer from China, to sail the seas, and find new land.   Zheng He traveled the seas with a large army of 317 ships and 28,000 men.
  In this map, Zheng He traveled down to South Asia, and went across the ocean passing India, and Saudi Arabia, landing east of Africa. He then went on many voyages to other countries for trading. After Zheng He had died, China got rid of all papers that had to do with his voyages; China had also banned people from making large ships. In my opinion, the world now would be way different if China continued the voyages, because China could have discovered new lands like the America.
In Asia, Korea had also been developing a lot of new things under King Sejong. One of the most important thing that he invented was The Hangul writing because before Korea had to use Chinese to write, and writing in Chinese is very hard, but with the new style of writing called Hangul, Koreans now can write much faster and it is way simpler than Chinese writing.   Korea had also invited many other things like the...