Grate Expectation

In this essay I will be writing about the novel Great Expectations and how does Charles Dickens create sympathy for Pip.

When we first start to read the story you can tell that it is from the eyes of the main character pip. This is likely to cause us to see the story from his point of view.

Dickens creates a growing in size effect to describe Pips name “Phillip Pirrip”. Pip had an infant tongue so he couldn’t pronounce his name. Pip ends up with a small name that he can pronounce, which is Pip. This makes the readers feel sorry for Pip and gives us a picture of his size and age.
Dickens creates more sympathy for Pip when he describes the setting. When Pip is in a graveyard by his father and mothers tombstones. We start to feel sympathy for Pip when he tells us that his mother and farther have died, that he has never seen and because of this he has to create a picture in his mind from their tombstones and we get the feeling that he spends a lot of time visiting them. Also the fact that his five little brothers have died “to five little stone lozenge's each about a foot and a half long each arranged in a nest row” creates even more sympathy and emotion towards Pip. Following that the place that Pip's parents are buried is not cared for, this must have created a lot of emotion for Pip because he must have been feeling like nobody but him cares for their tombstones.

After the opening of Chapter one, there is a talk. After Pip had begun to cry a “fearful” man approaches him and says “Hold your noise! Keep still you little devil or I'll cut your throat!” This creates sympathy for Pip because he is already frightened and now he has been surprised and Magwitch is threatening him. We can tall Pip is frightened, when he describes Magwitch's voice as 'terrible' and he calls Magwitch a “fearful man.”

Dickens makes his fears go away for a moment when the adult Pip looking back on the situation. The adult Pip knows what’s going to happen on the story, so he writes...