What makes a successful government
Different successful governments have similar factors that make them successful. That is not by accident. The factors that I think creates a successful government are having a good leader, having a strong militia and having an abundance of money.
When a group of people is assembled to do any type of job a leader must be picked or take charge. It makes the whole process go smoother and people know who they need to go to to solve problems and get advice. the same applies with government. Every government needs a leader that helps handle problems in the country. He addresses the country to let them know of his plans and I think that is a trait of a good leader. I think good leaders let the public know what is going on and do not hide what is going on. Another essential trait of a good leader is the ability to convince people to follow and believe you. There is no leader without people following him.
In our world power is very important. If one country sees something they want in a vulnerable country they go take it. This usually will not happen if the country has a strong militia. Many countries force their men to join their military to increase their numbers. There is power in numbers so thats why they do this.This is a huge factor that makes the United States such a powerful government. We have the best military in the world. Countries are very hesitate to try something on the United States which allows government to focus on running a country instead of war.
Money might be the most important factor for a successful government. Money is not as important when starting a new government but it is completely necessary in maintaining it. Without money there is no strong militia because nobody can pay for the weapons, food or shelter of the soldiers. If you have a bunch of people that are tired of being treated badly by their current government they are not as worried about money as they are independence so their motivation to...