Economics essay:
The government plays an important role in the Australian Economy. Australia has a federal system of government with a central government, six states and two territories which are self governing and over 650 local governments. The powers of each level of government are determined by the Australian constitution. The structure consists of the Constitution which sets powers and responsibilities of government The High Court which interprets and adjudicates on constitution matters The Federal Government which consists of the House of Representatives and House of the SenateThe State Government which consist of members of legislation council and member of legislation assembly local government.
                                  There are various functions that are inclusive in the three levels of government. These are known as :
  * FEDERAL government which contains exclusive powers to make laws affecting the nation and concurrent powers shared with the state. The federal government provides income through personal selling and company taxes, sales tax, excise duties, customs duties and GST. Expenditure occurs through social welfare, education. Health, defence, economic services, public services and public debt services.
  * STATE government which has concurrent and residual powers to make laws affecting the state. Income is provided by grants from commonwealth, payroll tax, car registration and stamp duty. Expenditure deals with education, health, transport and communications, housing, public order, roads and highways and recreation.
  * LOCAL government which acquires residual powers, delegated by states to make lows over local responsibilities. Income is provided by grants from Commonwealth and states and rates. Expenditure occurs from housing, local roads, recreation and culture, health and sanitation, town planning and community amenities.
                                The economic function of the federal government consist of reallocation...