Government Meeting

Matt Neidert
On March 9th, 2010 I attended The Congressional Republican Candidates for the 16th District Debate. The debate took place a Glen Oak High School 1801 Schneider Street NE Canton, Ohio. The event was hosted by Tea Part and 912 Groups in the 16th District. The debate was well attended, with nearly all the seats in the auditorium filled up with people eager to hear what each candidate had to say.
Doyle Smith focused on the equivalency of taxes and tariffs on domestic and foreign products. I was not entirely clear on what he was speaking of, however, I believe he was talking about foreign businesses have less import taxes than overall taxes of American businesses and the need for making them equivalent. I agree that American products and businesses should be taxed less to bring jobs back home. Mr. Smith believes too many jobs are going overseas and is one of the main contributions to America’s weak economy.
Mr. Miller claimed that Americans expect too much from the Government which hurts our deficit. He proposed to keep promises of Social Security to those who have retired or are about to retire, but for those who are just starting their working career to help them plan a personal retirement fund. The advantage to a personal retirement fund is it cannot be lost. He also said we must clean up fraud in Medicare/ Medicaid in order to help the deficit. Mr. Miller’s proposal seemed to be well thought out and I agree with most of it.
Mr. Rennaci believes that it is necessary to freeze spending in order to control the deficit. He referred back to when he was the mayor of Wadsworth and how he managed to freeze spending in order to control the deficit. While freezing spending as an effective way to control the deficit, I believe there are better ways to control it such as freezing or eliminating unnecessary expenditures.
The final issue I will elaborate on is “What is your position on climate change?”. Mr. Schiffer was the first candidate to speak on...