Us Mexico Violence

Running Head:   United States – Mexico Border Spillover Violence

Mexico Violence:   Growing Threat to the United States (War on Drugs)

INSS 5302 – Professional Seminar in Intelligence and National Security

University of Texas at El Paso

July 15, 2011

United States – Mexico Border Spillover Violence

Key Judgments

  * United States assistance to Mexico in funding, intelligence sharing, and

equipment has a positive impact in Mexico’s war on drugs.   This has also helped

in deterring violence from Mexico into the United States.  

  * President Calderon’s war against the drug cartels and gangs within its boundaries

will most likely continue to spark violence in Mexico.   The “War on Drugs” is too

lucrative for any criminal organization to let go.

  * As Mexico makes great strides and detains, arrest, and kill top drug lords and

gang members, violence will continue as lower level criminals fight within each

organization for control over the multi-billion dollar business that drugs generate

in Mexico and United States.

  * Although spillover of the violence in Mexico has not affected the United States,

leaks of the violence is happening in the United States, unless Mexico gets a

tighter control over these criminal organizations the threat of spillover is

becoming more and more possible.

  * Re-evaluation of the Merida Initiative and its potential to assist Mexico in their

efforts must be conducted annually with clear goals and deadlines to achieve.

  * A program of quarterly reports from Mexican officials on United States funding

usage to United States Congress to determine continued assistance and amount of

funding must be put in place and monitored extensively.

  * Funding for United States border cities/towns must be included in the Merida

Initiative with the same oversight and reporting instructions.   This cities/towns are

United States – Mexico Border Spillover...