Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies William Golding

Show how the experiences and/or behaviour of a character or individual were important in your studied text.

      Piggy is a character that was important in the novel 'Lord of the Flies'. Piggys behaviour in the text was really important.

      Piggy was a podgy boy who wore very thick glasses. Although he has short sightedness he showed a lot of insight. Piggy was very different from the rest of the boys on the Island because he was the only boy with this insight. His insight meant that it was easier for the reader to understand the messages in the novel. Piggy represented civilisation in the novel. He represented the intelligent, rational and scientific side of civilisation. Piggy finds the conch shell with Ralph and he discovers it could be used as a makeshift trumpet. He then convinces Ralph to blow it to call the other boys. From then on the conch becomes a powerful symbol of rules and civilisation. The conch is used to govern meetings. The boy with the conch may speak this means that the boys are able to have freedom of speach without interruptions. The conch shell is something which is much like Piggy in the way that they both represent civilisation. It is significant when Piggy is killed by Roger when he pushs the boulder down the hill and it hits Piggy. Because the conch shell is shattered with Piggy which symbolizes the end of civilisation on the island.
    Piggys behaviour is important in the novel `Lord of the Flies' because it shows how different   people are affected in situations and how they react. Piggy's behaviour is so civilised, mature and rational where as for example Jacks behaviour ends up being unhumanlike. Piggy's behaviour stays the same throughout the film where as the other boys on the islands behaviour changes dramatically for example Jack was a normal english boy at the beggining but transforms into a savage.