“In The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, he tells all the marvelous experiences and priceless lessons he learned in a lecture hall at his college, Carnegie Mellon University. When Randy tells his life story, he does not focus on the setting so much, as he does on the lessons he was taught at these places. However, he still does describe a few of the places where his biggest and most exciting moments occur. For example, Randy always dreamed of becoming an Imagineer at Disneyland: once he is kmkmionhvytable to get the job, he describes the workshops and labs as breathtaking. They included top of the line virtual reality machines, computer generated worlds that are the user interacts with through special gloves and heawork, develop a ride for the movie Aladdin. This environment is essential to Pausch’s story because there was no other place similar or even close to the advanced technology at Disney’s Imagineer labs where he could have participavjdsnjsnted in the virtual reality creations at the time.
Another setting that could not have been different without affecting Pausch’s story was Carnegie Mellon University for various reassdnfiusdnfons. One reason is thsjnfuisfat he taught a one of a kind class that involved virtual reality and the students created outstanding virtual worlds’ that amazed Randy. Also, the professors he met and learned from at the university couldn’t be found at any other college. If the events in his life took place in different settings, he wouldn’t have had the same experiences or encountered all the influential people who shaped his character.
Randy focuses on leaving an impact and advice for the reader in his spectacular autobiography. He describes and narrates his accomplishments and the toughest problems he had to deal with, or overcome, to be where he is in life at the moment. Every event, every moment, every obstacle has a purpose according to Pausch, and he believes that each has something we can use. In the book, he says he encountered...