One Life.. One Chance... One Day

Pit, pat, pit, pat, pit, pit, pat," is the sound of rain that Melissa hears from the window in her room. She looks at James town for her last time. The Tragedies family was moving to a town called Woodsville because of a job promotion there. No one wanted to go but they had no choice. The Tragedies   include mom Lilly, dad Brysten, eldest son   eighteen yr. old son James, second daughter   sixteen yr. old Kelly, and   youngest daughter 5 yr. old   Melissa. As they get ready to leave, the kids all say good bye to their old house and depart to their new house an old funeral home renovated into a house. They all arrive at their new home, when the kids stepped out of the car they stood in shock. Their faces looked disgusted by their new home.   With a confused look on her face Kelly says, “Are you sure we are at the right house?”
“No, I am pretty sure we got the right house it’s just that we expected more,” James says with more of a positive look on his face.
    “Alright come on guys, it’s not that bad lets go check the house inside, no one is aloud in the backyard it’s not safe,” says dad. They all go inside, all but Melissa she decides to check out the back of the house. She goes to the back and sees a shiny old sliver red rectangular chest with the initials of D. D. N. O.   It looked someone else wrote this as a warning, but you know little kids she opens it and finds that the inside was filled with blood and sees the head of a forty year old man. Melissa shrieks, gets up and runs as fast as she can back to her parents. She makes sure she doesn’t tell anyone what happens and tries to hold in her fears as she unpacks her things into her room. Not knowing that the demon is going to attack her, she goes in the basement to get some rope for her dad to fix the roof. As she walks down the steps, she feels breathing behind her. All of a sudden she falls down the stairs and is hurt.   Melissa’s family heard the big fall and came to see, they rush severely injured Melissa to...