Good Hotel

(Question #1)
“Hotel with ac conscience” this is what we call the good hotel, and this name come from It's a positive sense , environment-friendly hotel, and using recycled materials (Helping the environment). We can say that the strategic management is behind the good hotel concept, and the strategies plan   must support the management buy provide the organization clear vision about what the management wants it's business to be and provide managers with useful points that help them to draw and making the tragic decisions that serve the organization, and the following information very important in this information:
Target customers, the aim of the business, the service they will product, location where they will operate and organization position to other competitors.
Good Management = Good Strategy + Good Execution
When we have good and clear mission statements we will gain the following benefits:
Define the business for   investors, lenders, employee, suppliers and stakeholders.
Allow the organization to set her goals, through vision and missions goals.
Provide the organization a sense of direction.
Stretched everyone towards superior performance.

  (Question #2)
The three alternatives are (discontinuing the current good hotel concept, continuing and Expand to new concept)
|Alternatives                         |Pros                                               |Cons                                             |
|Discontinuing                         |The risk of new concepts will be less,             |less customer base                               |
|                                     |No special management polices for sustainability   |less   of the occupancy rates                     |
|                                     |No dept and no invest risk                         |No Growth                                         |
|                                     |                                                   |No sustainability program...