Global Marketing

Global Market
April 10, 2012
My family tries to shop locally for as much as we can for the food that we eat. My husband and son our hunters and fishermen and they do provide some food for the family. There are a lot of local farmers that we can buy our products from, this is a big Amish area and that helps with the food purchases. The word made in America is starting to become obsolete. The foreign cars sold here are cheaper than the American made models. Compile that with high gas prices that we have to buy from other countries the American shopping idea is not a hot commodity. If our own government supported American made products we as a country may not be in the situations we are in.
Bacon, Eggs and toast:
Eggs- I purchase them from a local Amish farm that is about five miles from my home. The gas I buy to drive my car is from Kwik Fill they supply their pumps with made in America fuel. The car I drive is suppose to be made in America but over half of the parts on my Dodge Grand caravan have been imported to this country from other countries. Hence the made in America logo that dodge uses. (
Toast- I love Bimbo® bread it is made in Horsham, PA. The company imports its flour, and other baking supplies from various different companies through the US. When I called them they would not tell me specifically where they purchase their products just that they try to purchase in America all their supplies (
Bacon- I buy Jamestown bacon it is made in Jamestown NC. There is an Amish farm in my area that supplies pigs to them to make the bacon. At least I can still say I am trying to buy locally
This dish cost $6.00 but I get a dozen servings
I would buy cereal and have that for breakfast but the cheapest box of cereal is over $4.00. So even though I am not a fan of eggs they are cheaper for my family.
The dishes and pans I use to make all my meals are imported from China I bought them years ago from the Made in...