Polymerase Chain Reaction: Commercial Labs Provide Solution to Restricted Global Market

Polymerase Chain Reaction: Commercial Labs Provide Solution to Restricted Global Market

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Market (Products: Instruments, and Reagents & Consumables; End-users: Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories, Academics and Universities; and Applications: Clinical Diagnostics, Life Sciences and Others - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020

Kary Mullis in the 1980s developed a revolutionary technique that is now the basis of the global polymerase chain reaction (PCR) market. The basic concept of PCR is to use a DNA polymerase to synthesize completely new strands of DNA. These strands will be similar to the template DNA strand used. One of the core requirements in the process is the addition of a primer. This is required because a DNA polymerase can only add a nucleotide to a 3’-OH group that already exists. The primer helps the polymerase to add the first nucleotide. Using this method, a scientist can create billions of copies of any specific sequence he/she wants. The core components of PCR are therefore a DNA template, a DNA polymerase, and nucleotides.

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The techniques used in the global PCR market have created a giant scope of innovation in the world of science in terms of DNA-based research molecular diagnostics. PCR allows for the absolute quantification of DNA and RNA, both of which are genetic materials.

Commercial Labs Boost the Global PCR Market

Till recent times, the global PCR market has found scope mostly in pharma and biotechnology industries apart from research institutions. The rise of commercial diagnostic laboratories is set to change this confined trend. A large number of labs, both private commercial and government, are beginning to prefer PCR for the accurate diagnosis of life-threatening...