Glg Week Nine Questions

Glg 101 Week Nine Questions
  1. If Imports was completely stopped the personal money that I have would be less. I believe that my money would be less due to the fact that gas prices would extremely increase. When gas prices increase dramatically it causes everything else to extremely increase. Milk would sky rocket due to the fact that the milk man would start charging more because it would cost him more to deliver milk to the supermarket. Many families will be unable to attend vacation in the summer due to the gas prices. People will try to get everything they need in one trip so that they wouldn’t have to keep driving to and from the store more than once.
  2. I do believe that the oil peak production is at its world peak now almost. I do believe that the oil production will be at its oil peak production within the next 3 to 10 years. I believe they need to come up with another alternative or oil because it’s going to be lower than they think we they really realize it.
  3. If I was in a group or team of exploration geologist that was locating or trying to find copper deposits, I would look more into the United States and Chile because they are the top two main areas to look or copper. New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah are the main three areas in the United States. They would look in the Pacific Ring of fire because all the features


  5.   are present. The countries that are bordering the Pacific Ocean are good in Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits.
  6. I do think that we will have a resource problem and population issue in the upcoming future. There are over 300 million people that reside in the United States and that includes immigrants that we are unaware of that is in the United States. The bigger the population the more demand and that makes less supply.
  7. Many people are ignoring the facts about our natural resources. Many are thinking and worrying about where they are going to get natural resources from because supply is running low and...