Week Nine Capstone Questions

Week 9 Final Checkpoint
Jackie Carter
Eth 125
April 7, 2011
Christy Boyer

Week 9 Final Checkpoint

  * What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to specific minority groups?  
Learning about the different races and ethnicities that are living in the United States has helped me to understand what affects stereotyping and discrimination has had on them.   Many Americans use the word Hispanic to describe a racial group.   This is wrong.   The U.S. Census Bureau (n.d.) website the word Hispanic refers to those people who classify themselves in one of the other Spanish, Hispanic, and Latino listed on the Census questionnaire.   Latino pertains to the cultures or countries that make up Latin America where as Hispanic describes the language or culture that once belonged to the Spanish Colonies.   You can be Latino if you came from a Latin American country but do not speak the Spanish language.
  * Have you learned something new about your own cultural history?
I already knew where my ancestors were from and how they made their living after coming to the United States after I put together a family tree a few years ago.   I knew that my ancestors came from Poland and that polish immigrants faced a lot of discrimination further north.   I did not know that they had also faced discrimination in Texas too.  

  * Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of the United States. What will this face look like in the year 2050?  
According to a report done by CBSNEWS the Asian and Hispanic population is going to grow at an explosive rate.   It is projected that the Asian population will more than triple to 33 million, while Hispanics will see an increase to 102.6 million, roughly one-fourth of the population (Cosgrove-Mather 2004).   With the current rate of illegal immigration and the infiltration of radical fundamentalists, the constitution will no longer be consider our rule of law as these...