Week 9 Capstone Question

Week Nine Check Point

    The information which helped me to better understand race, culture, and ethnicity was realizing what my own culture had to endure and preserver through in order to claim our citizenship and equality in the American population which we see today.   While learning about other races I have found a new common ground between myself- an Irish-American, and let’s say an African-American who may not astatically appear to be similar to me.   This common bond is one of survival, pride and endurance.

    I have learned that throughout history Irish-American’s have been an intricate part of what made America the country it is today.   Their contributions may have come from hard labor, menial jobs, and later governmental influence.

    Of course, immigration will continue well into 2050, and, I would venture to say, beyond that point in time as well.   I can only hope that as the faces of American Society changes, we (America) will find a way to de-colorize our outlook on humanity.   Coming together as a people…Becoming unified with respect for all of humanity.

    The best way our county can prepare for the changes that America will face in dealing with race, culture and ethnicity; teaching acceptance and celebration for all life to our children.   I would hope that in the future we will not only teach American History in our class rooms, but, turn to the future leaders of the world…find out how they can appreciate the common ground between all humanity.   I believe that as our children are young and still forming opinions about life and other people with whom they will share this planet; immerse them in the awe inspiring aspects of other cultures…allow them to lean; finding similarities, rather than differences.