Getwell Clinic Proposal

GetWell Clinic Proposal

Ravon W. Woods Sr.

October 3, 2011


James Traylor

      There are many ways to be successful in the medical field. Often times manager get so caught up in the final money count that they cannot see the true big picture. The Getwell Clinics have a very successful business. I think it could be more successful if it became more efficient. The largest waste that most healthcare facilities generate comes from the medical supply systems. Materials get used, and disposed of without regard. These small costs can add up over time. One of the biggest culprits is the pharmacy. By incorporating an Omni Cell distribution center is a complete system for the automated management and dispensing of medications. With this system the managers could monitor the use of drugs, and help prevent the loss of underused or expired meds on the shelf. With the addition of an Omnicell, Getwell Clinics could start another line of revenue, because not only will the insurance have to reimburse for the treatment, but for the medications as well. The system costs 8-10,000 dollars depending on the size requested. Maintenance is about 5,000 annually. With the patient load currently seen the Omnicell would pay for itself in over the counter meds with just about 2,000 patients. If you add in the narcotics, NSAIDS, and steroids, the machine will have generated over 20,000 thousand dollars within the first eight months.


      The benchmark that I would use to determine if the clinic would benefit from having Omnicell would be industry comparison. By determining the amount of outpatient clinics that have this system, to the ones that don’t we could get an idea of how successful this service could be. The clinic defiantly has the patient load to support its own pharmacy, and this service might create enough loyalty due to the fact the patient’s like to do one stop shopping.

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